A Day Without Sweat is Like a Day with Sunshine

This is my first post on my blog, Flashes and Lashes.  My whole purpose in this blog is to share my reality of getting older, but getting better.  Like fine wine.  Just because I’ve gained a pound or two, or ten or more and I sweat like Bruce Jenner back in the day, does not mean that I don’t like style like any other Kardashian or Caitlyn.

The most annoying thing I have found about getting older is sweating and weight gain.  You would think with the amount of sweat that leaves my body, water weight gain would not be an issue.  It just doesn’t make sense.  This is what makes me feel older, the sweating, not the tiny lines appearing on my forehead or my eyelids, but the darn sweat.  It’s so embarrassing to sitting in a meeting and someone ask, “Are you hot?”…..or “Deb!, you are really sweating, are you okay?”  Okay, so now everyone is looking at me…..and it’s not because they like my shoes.  Going one day without hearing those two questions or getting that OMG look, would make me so happy.  It would be like a day in Carmel (California, not the gooey stuff).

The thing about being a flasher (person who suffers with ridiculous hot flashes), is that it’s not something you can suffer with privately.  I once had a former hairstylist say to me “There’s steam rising off your scalp. Are you having a moment?” Really?!?!?  Another hairdresser turned her salon temp down to 60 degrees because she didn’t want to have to restyle my hair before I left. Ladies, it’s just our lives……but do we have to deal with it? Huh?….that would be a yes….But we do not have to suffer forever.  I have a few suggestions that have, not made me feel 100% normal but have significantly reduced the INTENSITY OF THE ETERNAL HEAT!

#1 EXERCISE – I know…..I know….this fat girl hates the word, but sometimes you just have to decide which is worst.  Your makeup rolling off your face to your neck OR one hour of aerobic activity.  Trust and believe, I had to make some serious choices.  I talk more about my weight loss journey in a future most. My husband turned our oldest daughter’s former room into a home gym.  Way to go empty nesters.

#2 ANTI-DEPRESANTS – This would involve the medical route.  I tried a low dose of an anti-depressant called Venlaflaxine.  Hey, it worked after a few months.  The doctor had to get the dosage right, but it did make the flashes LESS INTENSE.  I stopped taking the anti-depressant because I don’t necessarily like taking unnecessary poison.  And yes, meds are a poison that will eventually kill you.  This is why it is important to get healthy and stay that way.

#3 OVER THE COUNTER OR NATURAL PRODUCTS.  I tried Black Cohosh for a while, it worked, but my blood pressure went out the roof (not a good thing).  So after months of research and exercising, I decided to give Estroven Weight Management a try.  I tried this only because my gynecologist told me that some women swear by it but it takes months to go into effect.  I tried the Weight Management version because I was gaining a pound a day.  So far, after one month, hot flashes have subsided, not as intense and the WATER WEIGHT is “Bye Felicia”.


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