Did Madonna Get it Right?


Photo from playbuzz.com

Many years ago, a young girl danced and twirled her way across Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, singing about being a Lucky Star.  When she finished her performance, Dick Clark asked her what did she hope to do in her career, she simply responded – “Rule the world.”  Some will argue that she didn’t really rule the world, but without a doubt she certainly did have a great amount of influence on American Pop Culture.  What made Madonna such a phenomenon was her uncanny ability to reinvent herself.  When being a popstar wasn’t enough, then she became an actress.  In both of her careers as an actress and a singer she showed such great versatility because she kept showing us what she could do.  She would simply reinvent Madonna.  Madonna, the Material Girl,  Madonna, the funny actress.  Madonna the serious actress.  Remember her role as Evita? OMG — she really did it. (Sorry Patti LuPone, I always thought of you as the real Evita)

So what have I learned from Madonna? I’ve learned the importance of reinventing myself.  Not only once, but a continual renewal of self.  I’ll always be me, an older and wiser version of me, but why not upgrade.  I’m not talking about plastic surgery – don’t need it, I’m gorgeous…..I’m not talking about weight loss surgery – even though I could madly use it.  I’m talking about taking myself to the next level.  I enjoy who I am, a wife, a mom, a sister, a school teacher…….but I’m more than that.  I have had so many life experiences, that I should not let one thing, one era, one event, one success define me.  I have decided to reinvent myself.  In that decision I have decided to go to graduate school.  I took the plunge.  I thought I couldn’t do, I thought I wasn’t good enough, I was afraid.  Afraid???   I want to become a smarter me, a more useful me……someone that can add to society….someone that can truly make a difference.  Is it going to be scary? Yes.  Will there be some doubt along the way? Maybe.  I just don’t want to be that puddle of stagnant water that the sun never seems to evaporate.    Stagnant water stinks, I don’t want to be stagnant.  I want to grow, I want to change…….What can you do in your life to reinvent yourself. Do you think Madonna got it right?  I’d love to read your ideas here on Flashes and Lashes.


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